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How to make school mornings smooth

If you are mom of school going kids you will know how it is like in the morning. Even if you are well prepared a slightest change can blow up and you and your child can be late for school.

My son has started kindy this year which means I am now sending one kid off to school every weekday and it is not fun.

Boys are generally cheeky at least I would like to believe that and I am going to use this as an excuse for my messy home and late comings😂. So in saying that I like to prepare everything the night before and for now I have to wrestle with my five year old to put his uniform and on and apply sunscreen. Good workout in the morning isn’t it ?

So from one mama to another how you can make your school morning smooth :

Prepare lunches the night before

I like to prepare everything the night before although I wake up an hour before kids wake up because my kids are unpredictable and little toddler loving to throw tantrum in the morning.

Make bedtime consistent

It’s super important that your child is well rested and well slept so he can wake up in the morning all fresh. Sleep deprived kid is going to give you hard time in the morning just like us we become grumpy with sleeplessness .

Give your child plenty of time to wake up

I wake up my kid and let him doze off on couch for few minutes. Which means if I want him to be up by 6:45 am I take him out of his bed by 6:30am. He knows it’s school time and usually is fully up by 6:45am. What difference does this make you might wonder. For us it does he gets some time to slowly start his day and wakes up knowing it’s time to get ready which sets the tone of our morning routine. Happy child smooth routine.

Lay everything out the night before

Get everything on a table or couch the bag , uniform, socks ,undies so you don’t have to run in the morning. By doing this your child also knows it’s time to get ready for school.

Leave the little battles

I don’t like to going into a debate with my five year old early in the morning . It will only make him and I cranky. We both have a big day ahead. So let him have in breakfast what he wants other than lollies /chips/biscuits of course. I ask my son what he would like to have . I usually make him pancakes, Parathas, toast with jam. Sometime he likes to eat leftover dinner .

Kiss him goodbye

Don’t forget to say I LOVE YOU, a hug, cuddle, kiss whatever is your thing. I love to tell him that I love him every single morning when he leaves home.

I hope you find this helpful. Let me know how your school mornings are.


7 thoughts on “How to make school mornings smooth

  1. this is a great way to start these routines when they are little. be prepared to change them up as they grow such as getting an alarm clock, having him make his own lunches and other things that push the responsibility onto him.

    1. Great points. Thanks for sharing . I need to buy him alarm clock so he knows it’s time to wake up. Will need to be really firm in terms of making him lunches although he likes to help out in kitchen but flat out says no if he doesn’t want to do.

  2. I totally agree with all of your points! My kiddos can be real grouchies in the morning if I don’t give them enough time to get the sleep out of their eyes. Sometimes I like to make sandwiches a couple of days ahead in bulk…if you try it, I find PB-honey or lunch meat work nicely. For the PB sandwiches…spread a thin layer on both slices of bread to prevent honey or jam from soaking through the bread. Store them in the fridge and they are ready to go in a snap!

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