My lifeline

If you have been through depression and/or anxiety you would know how it’s like. You just cannot function no matter how hard you push yourself.

I know I am anxious and depressed I can listen to my negative voice inside me telling me I am not good enough . But I am lucky I had learned to recognise the signs and take actions on it. So I quickly recognise this is not me this is anxiety talking.

Today is Monday morning and I am finding it hard to pull myself together . But I have two little kids I have to feed them and be there for them . I cannot allow the demons aka depression and anxiety to take over me.

I had my breakfast and a big cup of tea in hope I will feel better , yeah right lol. Then my older said mama please play Kiki song on your phone.

My boys really enjoy the song so I played it and we all three had a good laugh and dance. There it is my lifeline: MY KIDS❤️. The happy , cheeky boys . I don’t need anything else to make me feel better.

Their laughter is enough for me to kick anxiety’s butt. I got off the couch wore my RED lip colour and went on with my usual daytime chores.

I am dragging myself through the day but that’s okay because at least I am trying. I am trying to brush my hairs I am trying to cook and clean . I am trying to survive. That’s all we need one step at a time to recover from anxiety and depression attack.

I am feeling so lucky I have a reason to go on with everyday because of my kids . No matter how I feel I try to put a mask on to become a batter mommy for them and that’s what keep me going.

If you are depressed, please know that it’s a phase it will pass yet will be back again but anxiety/depression doesn’t represent you. Don’t give up.


Early tooth decay, prevention and treatment

Hello my dear readers, if you have young kids at home it’s a good possibility that you are looking for tips and tricks to keep your little ones teeth healthy. I am not a doctor but I am just a mom whose son’s teeth had to be extracted at the age of three under General anesthesia. Yes you read it right at the age of THREE!

So it’s safe to say I have attended several dental visits and a lot of reading material on tooth decay. I am determined to share my experience so other parents can benefit from my first hand experience.

Let’s get to the point now, when my kid was just eight months old I noticed his front four teeth turning grey.  I went to the child specialist who said just give him multivitamins and there is nothing to WORRY about.

Yeah right as if i could sit on it and not do anything. So I saw a dentist who took a look at my son’s teeth and told his teeth enamel is damaged and we just need to clean his teeth and visit again after six months.

Fast forward, we moved to another country new place no idea of anything. Eventually I was able to see the dentist and by that time my son’s teeth were crumbling apart. I must Tell You we didn’t give him chocolates and lollies and stuff like that but he used to nurse overnight.

After couple of visits it was decided they will extract the teeth to avoid the adult teeth getting the infection. Let me tell you that was very hard on me to accept.

I was heavily pregnant and my husband called me that doctors said they need to extract the teeth I went into shock and started having cramps ,now looking back it feels silly but at that time I was anxious .

Anyhow, the time came and we headed to hospital with our newborn in my arms. Sending my toddler in operation theatre was nerve racking but HATS OFF to all the hospital staff for taking such a good care of my boy.

If you are going through the same phase then my advise to you is ‘Go with the flow’. Trust the doctors . My kids appetite was dramatically improved after his extraction.

There are somethings which can be done to avoid tooth decay in first place or to slow the decaying process if the damage has already started .

  • Start cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as the first tooth appear
  • Use toothpaste for kids older than eighteen months
  • Brush twice a day after breakfast and before bed. Don’t rinse with water.
  • Stop using bottle after eighteen months of age
  • Don’t give bottle at bedtime to babies over twelve months. Give bottle fifteen minutes before bed and brush their teeth before they sleep .
  • Make sure your baby doesn’t bite/suck on bottle teats for prolonged periods.
  • No lollies/chocolates/juices please . Once a while these foods are okay.
  • Regular dental visits are very important
  • Dont add sugar in babies food

I hope you find these tips helpful. Pretty basic though I know but often Overlooked.

Summer weekend in Australia

Finally summers are here or at least I think they are. If you live in Australia you will know what I am talking about. It was a super hot sunny day and by the time we reached the beach it was chilly and windy.🤦‍♀️

I am loving exploring Australia . It’s so beautiful 😍. My son loves the beach . So he waits for the sunny day and early in the morning gets ready by himself so we can go to the beach .

By the time we reached there the water was super cold . But there is no stopping for this little guy. While he was enjoying the water my toddler was crying because he is afraid of water so far.

It got so cold that kids started trembling so we had to wrap up quickly . We made a quick stop on blowhole which was awesome. I wish i didn’t had the migraine attack so I could enjoy more.

The water coming up of the hole was mesmerising. The picture is not showing it’s intensity . My husband was able to see a bystander getting soaked by the water.

At last our trip ended and we headed back to home. Kids were hungry and crying because they refused to eat the food we brought and I got sick 🤢.

So it was my kids crying and hubby had to calm them while driving. He did a good job remaining calm in the chaos . Inside I was laughing he got a little taste of my life 🙈😂.

When we reached home DH had to change my toddlers diaper and cloths because I was not able to do anything . Poor him , he had no idea where kids things are. I had to navigate him by telling but that didn’t helped either so I had to get up and give him everything . Can anyone else relate ??. My hubby is great in cleaning and cooking too but have no clue about kids stuff .

And the best part of the day I get to sleep 😴. I was so drowsy with all the sickness I headed to my bed without doing anything which was good because I totally deserved it 😃😃.

Amma Tips (Totkay)

Amma Tales

The journey of motherhood is full of love, affection, hugs and kisses 😍 ; however to be a realistic it’s rollercoaster ride which bring highs, downs, joy, fear, tears, vomits( by baby mostly) and emotion going on peaks but it worth enjoying. How can you enjoy this rollercoaster ride😎?

Family Tips ( Totkay)

I am mother of 4 kids, their age group ranges from teens to 5 year old. Luckily, I got support from my family’s elder mother which has made it worth enjoying. I wish to have more but my doctor don’t allow this(oops! Tracking off). So I was telling about support I got from my Saas Ami(MIL), my Ami(mother), my bhabis ( sisters in law), nands( my husband’s sisters) and neighborhood. The list is long but I shortened it 😉. But their Totkay (tips) helped me a lot. In start I took them as not worth trying but…

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How to get your kids to help you

So this is a big question in every parent’s life . Why our kids don’t help us out or how we can encourage them to do so.

I have read many articles on this topic and they all were really helpful. Today I am going to share my experience how my 4year old son has started to do some chores around the house .

Team work

I had been telling my son to clean your room pick up your toys and put your dirty cloths in hamper . He was not listening at all. But now we teamwork I tell him to tidy and i will clean so he efficiently put everything away which he can. I was impressed to see he knew where most of the things will go.

kids forget:

My kids forget very easily that they need to clean up and that’s okay . Kids have really short span of attention. Before all the yelling and nagging just remind them to clean up the mess.


Who doesn’t like rewards. Reinforce the idea of doing chores by rewarding your child . It really works well for us.

Follow the routine:

Make sure your child knows when to clean for example before morning tea and before your bedtime routine they should pick their toys and clean the room . I make my kids pick up the toys before they got to bed. It’s now more like a habit now for them.


So i have started doing this with my son. If he ask where is his hat or anything else I ask him you had it and you should know where did you put it. It may look like I am putting a lot of pressure on my child but I think it works well . He is starting to learn that he is responsible for his own things .

Involve them:

Kids usually take interest in whatever you are doing. Let them be a part it. Mr. 4 wants to cook , do the dishes, hang the laundry . Most of the time I let him do and he feel so proud that he did a good job just like grown up( I often have to do redo it😂) .

Go easy on them:

Yes I truly believe kids should do chores and have a sense of responsibility but they are still kids and learning. There are lot of things already happening in their little lives. So let them play and be kids a little longer.

How it’s like to go through miscarriage

It’s been few days since my monthly arrived but I am still feeling blue . I am feeling like crying and can not pinpoint why .

Then I saw the date and realised it’s October . I lost my lo in end of my first trimester. That was my first pregnancy and the emotional pain of coming home from hospital without a baby was horrible.

Then I am blessed with two handsome boys and I couldn’t be happier and I am thankful I have a chaotic hectic life with my boys.

But every year around this time I miss my baby. It’s like a part of my heart is taken away from me and I cannot even express the pain of that .

It’s been seven years since I had the miscarriage but somehow every year I cry and I remember I have a little one in heaven waiting for me.

I have tears rolling down my cheeks as I am writing this . But I probably need to do this to get this out. I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I am very happy and blessed to have my two kids with me.

But I love the little one I never met . The years go by but this feeling stay there forever with you. When I was single my sister lost a baby and I though she will be fine as she already has two kids . She said to me ” This is the loss a mother grieves forever “

I was immature and young . I couldn’t see what she was saying. But now I do how it feels. I know how many women go through every year and go on with their lives as nothing happened. Yes we are supposed to move forward .

But as your heart beats you remember your baby in heaven with every beat because the sound of your baby’s first heartbeat stucks with you forever and ever. It’s beautiful but painful. You cannot see it but it’s there .

A tribute to all parents who have lost their child/children. May God eases our pains .


Calm mommy

Blogger Recognition Award

Hello my fellow bloggers . I am so excited to share my first blogger nomination award. It feels so good to be recognised in the blogging world, many thanks to bushra for Nominating me.

The rules are:

  1. Thanks the blogger who nominated you and give the link to their blog.
  2. Do a post to show your award
  3. Give a summary of how your blog started
  4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  5. Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award
  6. Let each nominee know you have nominated them and give the link to your post

Thanks the blogger who nominated you

Thank you so much bushra for nominating me . I am so happy that you nominated me and thought about my blog. Go check her amazing blog

summary of how your blog started

Almost two years ago I gave birth to my second child and after few weeks I had severe anxiety . So while I was at home alone with kids fighting the negative energy all the blogs and vlogs really helped me to see that I am not alone which inspired me to do something similar and here I am with my own blog.

Two pieces of advice

  1. Put effort in reading and commenting other people blogs. Appreciate each other
  2. Keep your blog posts short . Readers loose interest while reading a long post

My nominees are :

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