How it’s like to return to work after being a stay at home mom

Hello my lovely blog fellows, apologies for being away and not visiting your blogs as often as I would like it because I have gone back to full time work and it will take time to adjust in new normal.

It’s been almost two months. Our routines are not that bad but honestly it’s overwhelming. But at the same time I am enjoying returning to work.

Mom guilt is always there though , initially mom guilt tried to overcome but with help of my sister I bounced back and of course a good working environment makes a hell of difference.

Last year I had written a post about finding yourself . In all the craziness of motherhood and being at home had taken a toll on me . I am glad I am one step closer to my goal of finding myself. When I am work I am more than a mom , a wife, I have my own identity which gives me motivation and happiness.

It is tough to balance it all but I will get there for sure . I miss sometimes early morning snuggles with my toddler. At the same time I love my morning coffee in the office which I get to drink in peace or chatting with my colleagues. Trust me it’s worth it 😉.

If you are in same boat who have recently gone back to work or on verge of the big decision when to start work. It will all work out just take the first step and things will come into perspective . Let me know your experience on returning to work in comments 🙂 .

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The importance of Book Reading to Kids

Reading books to your kids is the best gift you can give them . We all know the importance of reading to our children. But the question is why this is so important.

When my older one was just two he was not speaking enough words he was hardly speaking five words. So his speech was delayed and we did attend few sessions of speech therapy.

But numerous times we were told to read him books. So I started doing that . Every night I used to read him a story and we do that every single night. It helped him enormously with speech development and he got better on his own.

I love reading books to my kids not  only it helps them with the speech thing  it has many benefits such as 

1. Helps with the Vocabulary:

Reading books aloud to kids is the easiest way to help them grasp as many words as possible. you might not notice the change in the vocabulary anytime soon but it does works and when they start making stories of their own you will see them using all the words you once read them.

2. Improves Imagination and Creativity:

It is so fascinating what a book can do in your child’s brain. It opens up new doors of imagination and creativity. Whenever I read a new book to my son that night he comes up with his own version of same story which much more addition of his own. It always makes me wonder how can he think like that . I know exactly how: The magic of books.

3. Helps you bond with your kids:

When you read books to your children it gives you one on one time with them. You are not distracted and that’s what you really need in the end of the day to be with your kids after a long hectic day.

4. Strong Foundation for School:

By reading books to your kids you are doing them a huge favor. Not only you are helping them grow their imaginations and creativity , you are also laying good foundation for the school years to come. Your child will already be abreast with book reading concept which will be the main thing will they start kindy.

5. Developing Analytical skills:

Reading books open new horizons for the kids. Their brain stores all the information learns how to behave in different situations. They also develop habit of reading which will do wonders for their analytical thinking later in life.

What do you think why reading books to children is important . Let me know your reason 🙂